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Questions & Answers

Q: Do I get wet during the raft trip?

A: Yes, also if you don't fall into the water - from the paddling and splashes from waves.


Q: Do I have to know how to swim?

A: You receive a life jacket for all raft tours. Especially for the Rock'n'Roll and Rodeo Tour you need very good swimming skills. You also need to feel yourself safe in water (don't panic in cold water).


Q: What's the minimum age to participate in Rafting?

A: Children as of 6 years can participate at Kids/Sport Rafting (in escort and guidance of parents or caregivers). Sport Plus as of 12 years of age with very good swimming skills, Rodeo from 16 years of age, also with very good swimming skills.


Q: How long does everything take in total?

A: Durance of a total trip with transportation is about 2 to 3 hours.


Q: What do I have to bring along?

A: Swimming skills, a good health condition, swim clothes and towel – also an adult for children unter 18 years of age. 


Q: What do I wear underneath the wet suit?

A: It is comfortable with your swim clothes; you can additionally wear a T-shirt and socks under the Neopren.


Q: Can I wear my glasses or contacts on the river?

A: If it's possible try it without, it would be better. Otherwise we provide a belt for glasses you can borrow for free. In both cases we can't give a guarantee.


Q: Do I have to jump during the Canyoning Tour?

A: You don't have to jump, you can also ask to be roped off as alternative. 


Q: Do the Raft and Canyoning Tours also take place during bad weather?

A: Rafting YES, Canyoning NO! Rafting is the best bad weather progamm, because you get wet anyway!


Q: How cold is the water?

A: Approximately 6-10°C (42-50°F). Therefore we use wet suits to stay warm.


Q: How often are the suits washed?

A: After every use the equipment is washed with soap and desinfectant.