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Terms & Conditions

EDDY RAFTING AUSTRIA. Licensed & Registered Raft Company, Tirol, Austria

Important informations and travel conditions!

Personal Requirements:

Ability to swim for rafting, good health condition.

Bring to the activities

Swimwear, T-shirt, towel and sunscreen.

Notice prior to departure:

You can confirm your reservation at least 1 day prior to travel again by phone or in writing, so that we can mutually assure that all services booked are in order. All rafting tours on the ISEL river are performed by Eddy Rafting. Canyoning Tours are organized but outsourced to professional Canyoning Tour Company.

If you can't keep to the agreed meeting time of the activities please call us as soon as possible. (+43-650-3368000)

If you arrive until after 20:00 clock in the accommodation, we ask for the phone contact of the accommodation facility.


For security reasons, we deny drunken guests to participate in our activity programs. Please remember, it would be a shame not to take part for this reason.


All tour payments are due at check-in for the tour. Group bookings apply to a minimal down payment. We also accept card payments.

Bank transfers: xx-xxx-xx (Our bank details are available on request)

1. Registration

You can register your trip in person, by phone or by writing to us.

With your reservation on the basis of our prospectus you provide us to the conclusion of the contract. A binding contract comes through the acceptance of your registration form in our booking confirmation (in writing or verbally) about.

If the content of the booking confirmation of your registration from lies before us a new offer, to which we are bound for 14 days. A binding contract comes into effect when you tell us within the time limit your express approval.

For group bookings, we can send a written booking confirmation. The person making the reservation guarantees to be the person responsible for the group booking.

2. Scope

The scope of contractual services, please refer to the booking confirmation. In the absence of such written confirmation mentioned in the Prospectus scope applies to the price stated in the prospectus.

3. Cancellations

You can withdraw at any time before departure of the trip. In your own interest and to avoid abuse of understandings we strongly recommend that you declare the resignation in writing.

As compensation for the travel arrangements and expenses we may, taking into account the following classification according to the closeness of the withdrawal point in time for departure, a percentage payment of the trip price: Day 1 Day 3 up before departure 25%, from 1 Day before departure 50%, cancellation due to non-appearance on the booked day 100%, in each case we process a fee of at least EUR 40.00

4. Substitutions

Up to departure you may be represented in the implementation of the journey of a third party. This created real additional costs will be charged to you. We may object to the change of persons, if the third party does not meet the special travel requirements, statutory arrangements entgegenste.

5. Unused services

If the tour participant individual travel services for any reason whatsoever not to claim, so basically there is no refund of the tour price. It is in our sole discretion in cases of hardship (illness, accident .) For individual and fallen travel service vouchers to forgive us if the use is not communicated in time.

We recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

If the event participants at the agreed time, the event does not timely or not, there is no entitlement to a refund of the price.

6. Change of bookings

Where possible, we try to contract for the transfer of travel services. If this will give us additional costs, these must be replaced.

7. Resignation and dismissal of the organizer

We may withdraw from the contract or after the commencement of the journey may cancel the contract if the passenger fails to undertake the trip, despite our long term agreements interfere, or when he is in breach to such a degree that immediate termination of the contract is justified.

A participant has not grown due to a miscalculation of his performance of a company, is the same. We rescind the contract before departure if an advertised or officially stated minimum number of participants is not reached.

8. Termination due to force majeure

If the trip is due at contract completion unforeseeable force majeure substantially obstructed, jeopardized, impaired or the safety of customers is no longer guaranteed, so after examining a possible temporal installation or after a proposal of an equivalent replacement program, both you and we may terminate the contract .

Upon termination prior to departure for the above reasons will be refunded the paid fare. Another claim does not exist. Where, in the aforementioned reasons for starting the journey, the travel contract after considering a possible relocation time or equivalent replacement program be terminated by either party.

If the contract is terminated, we can already provided or the end of the journey still require services to be tour guides for appropriate compensation.

9. Liability, Limitation of Liability

We provide the contracted travel services with the care of a company. For all companies to participate at their own risk, the organizer is not responsible or liable for intent or gross negligence, we are. The fee includes instruction and guidance only. We limit our liability equal to three times what the legal basis of the tour price. We are not responsible for disturbances in connection with services that are considered third-party services arranged by us only. Here, the travel conditions of the organizer validity.

10. Obligation

You are required to participate in power disturbances occur in the context of the statutory provisions, to avoid any damage or minimize them. They are particularly obliged to bring their complaints to the spot immediately and our staff for information.
We and our staff will endeavor to respond to this complaint, if possible. Do not distribute fault show a deficiency, it shall not be entitled to a reduction of the price or compensation.
n ein.

11. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

Or is one of the provisions of the travel contract in whole or in part invalid, this shall not invalidate the entire contract of voyage. Rather, we are entitled to replace the invalid provision by a valid provision, the purpose of the invalid provision the most far-reaching.

12. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

All claims for non-conforming provision of the journey have to be made within one month after the contractual end of the trip. All your needs from the travel contract expire after 6 months. The period begins with the day of the booking raft trip. Have you made such a claim, the limitation period is suspended until the day when we reject the claims in writing.

13. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction for both parties is the site of the travel services or the city of Lienz.



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